Posted on Facebook August 8, 2012 by Pat Kraft for the Marion Psychic & Paranormal Expo:

Stephanie Ryan of Spiritual Stephanie is an intuitive, healer and the founder of Angelic Chakra Integration.

Stephanie will be providing Akashic Record Readings at the Expo. The word Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ether, a substance that occupies all of space. The Akashic Record is universal knowledge. Every action, including past lives, are contained in the record. As we live in our bodies, there are times we see ourselves as sick or suffering. The Akashic Record facilitates energy healing by allowing us to see ourselves as we are: pure souls that are perfect and flawless. Opening the record empowers us to begin releasing unhealthy thoughts and habits.

Stephanie was attuned to the Akashic Record in March 2010. She has been giving private readings ever since. In March 2011, Stephanie gave a presentation about the Akashic Record to The Institute of Noetic Sciences Quad Cities.

Stephanie will also be performing Angelic Chakra Integration at the expo. In 2010 Stephanie was given seven symbols from the Archangels to be used for healing. These symbols allow the angels to work with her clients on a deep, personal level. There are many benefits to this type of healing, including release of emotional blocks, clearing of the chakras, and enhanced mental clarity.

Additionally, Stephanie is a Reiki Master/Teacher and offers classes.

Regarding her experiences, Stephanie says: “I love that each Akashic Record reading is unique. Sometimes I go into past lives. Sometimes I speak to loved ones that have crossed over. I even had the experience of communicating with a cat that is very much alive. I trust that each reading will provide the client with the experience they need. I am so blessed to be given a new healing modality to share. I keep receiving new information about the Angelic Chakra Integration system every day.”

As busy as this keeps her, Stephanie is also a paranormal investigator for Quantum Psi Group. She often uses the Angelic Chakra Integration system to bless homes and raise the vibration. She has also used the system to help cross spirits into the light. Stephanie is currently writing a manual and plans to have Angelic Chakra Integration workshops available in 2013.