Akashic Record Reading

The word Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ether, a substance that occupies all of space. I believe the Akashic Record is universal knowledge, raw life force. Every action, including past lives, are contained in the record. Through the Akashic Record, we can discover beliefs, conscious or unconscious, that are no longer serving us. Once we identify these beliefs, we can let them go. The record can also identify your life’s purpose.

As we live in our bodies, there are times we see ourselves as sick or suffering. The Akashic Record facilitates energy healing by allowing us to see ourselves as we are: pure souls that are perfect and flawless. Opening the record allows ourselves to receive an altitude of consciousness, which ultimately empower us to begin releasing unhealthy thoughts and habits.

During a reading, I will first enter your unique Akashic Record using your full name.  I will then read your energy signature.  Once I am finished determining what your energy has to say, I will use the Akashic Record to identify the root of your problem(s). I will work with you to clear it, enabling you to heal.  I am not a fortune teller, and I do not answer questions about the future.  Before you have a reading, please bring a list of questions you want answered.  The best questions begin with how, what, or why.  Depending on the blockage and/or phobia, I may ask you to lie down on the massage table to do some clearing work.