Weight Loss

GqPkmqSince college, I have battled with my weight.  I always thought it would be easy to get back to a healthy weight.  I told myself I will just go on a diet.  No big deal.  It’s been many years since college, so apparently it’s a bigger deal than I thought.  I discovered that weight loss has to be holistic.  Weight serves as a protective barrier, whether we can admit it or not.  We can make the right food choices and exercise, but until we can let go of the behaviors and beliefs that caused us to gain weight, I don’t believe it will be lasting.

I am trying Weight Watchers this year and exercising at home in the evenings for 30 minutes.  I have found the key to success is planning.  I like to go to the grocery store on the weekends and cook a big meal that I can warm up throughout the week.  I also like to eat cottage cheese and an orange for breakfast.  It’s light and tasty, but it fills me up.  I want to take it slow and steady, to be ready for those behaviors and beliefs that have been suppressed.  I am ready for a permanent change.

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