New Assignment

ACI logo 002smAfter 5 years, I finally taught my first Angelic Chakra Integration class.  It is the oddest feeling to sit in a room and hear other people read what you wrote.  I enjoyed the closeness of the class and the healing that took place this weekend.

As my students go forth to use their new skills, the angels already have a new assignment for me.  I’m to deliver angel messages at the area metaphysical expos.  You may think that this would be an obvious step, I’ve never thought of myself as a channeler.  But that’s life.  You have to go outside of your comfort zone to grow.  I know I can do this.  I just have to get out of my own way.

Weight Loss

GqPkmqSince college, I have battled with my weight.  I always thought it would be easy to get back to a healthy weight.  I told myself I will just go on a diet.  No big deal.  It’s been many years since college, so apparently it’s a bigger deal than I thought.  I discovered that weight loss has to be holistic.  Weight serves as a protective barrier, whether we can admit it or not.  We can make the right food choices and exercise, but until we can let go of the behaviors and beliefs that caused us to gain weight, I don’t believe it will be lasting.

I am trying Weight Watchers this year and exercising at home in the evenings for 30 minutes.  I have found the key to success is planning.  I like to go to the grocery store on the weekends and cook a big meal that I can warm up throughout the week.  I also like to eat cottage cheese and an orange for breakfast.  It’s light and tasty, but it fills me up.  I want to take it slow and steady, to be ready for those behaviors and beliefs that have been suppressed.  I am ready for a permanent change.

Making Strides

I have been continuing to work hard this past summer to incorporate the information I have received regarding Angelic Chakra Integration (ACI).  I feel that I can finally succinctly describe ACI:

ACI provides synergy of the conscious and unconscious mind, enabling people to realign with their true purpose and remember who they really are-divine beings.  It connects and reconnects people with higher levels of awareness via the body.

The other night, I asked for guidance regarding the health benefits ACI can provide.  I received the following answer:

How about everything?  There are no limits.  We work to get energy flowing-that vital life force.  You will be surprised of what will happen, and it will be instant.  Will it cure everything?  Of course not.  You enable your client an opportunity to heal themselves.  It ultimately isn’t up to you, but you will be pleased at the people who will heal themselves.  Be open to miracles.

I will be lecturing at the New Age of Wellness Expo on October 20th.  I am very excited to discuss ACI with the public for the first time!



I haven’t written a blog post in a long time.  A lot of that reason is due to a feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed.  The amount of cases at work has doubled, my calendar fills up, and loved ones are in the hospital.  How does anyone stay sane through it all?

First of all, I have to let it go.  I cannot control these external factors, and I certainly don’t need to carry these burdens around.  They are not me.  I change my perspective.  I don’t have to feel overwhelmed or stressed.  I choose to feel that way.  I breathe.  I realize I can only do what I can do.

I prioritize what I want in life.  I am beginning by setting small goals. I will find at least five hours per week to work on my manual.  I will speak my affirmations: “There is exactly enough time.  Everywhere I go people and situations are transformed for the better.”  I realize that I deserve time set aside just for me.  And it is true, when I take care of myself, my capacity to help others greatly increases.  How cool is that?

A New Energy Modality: Angelic Chakra Integration

In December 2010, I received seven new symbols that correspond to each chakra from seven archangels.  Since then, I have been on a constant journey to learn the meanings of these new symbols and what they can do.  I have also been working with the archangels.  If these symbols were given to someone else, I would think how easy it must be for that person.  After all, if that person received the symbols, surely a manual would be downloaded as well.  The universe doesn’t work quite like that.  I’ve been receiving bits of information here and there, and stitching it all together is a challenge.

What I’ve learned during this process

  • Information will come at any time.  I was given the process to attune others to the symbols driving home from work.
  • Don’t get stressed out about the big picture.  Make small goals each week.
  • Support is crucial.  My mentor, Gretchen Little, and husband, Shannon Ryan, have encouraged me each step of the way.  I also have lots of supportive friends.

A workshop will be forthcoming.  In this workshop, I will teach what I have learned so far about this new modality, and attune others to the symbols.  Stay tuned!


According to A Course in Miracles, fear is not real; only love is real.  Fear cannot exist where there is love.  It’s such a beautiful statement, but it can be difficult to accept in our daily lives.  The illusion of fear surrounds us; it’s perpetuated in the media, at work, with friends, or when we get an unexpected bill.  We fear that we will lack.  We fear we are not worthy.  Some of us live in so much fear that we make ourselves sick!

We are wonderful manifestors.  We can bring about the end of the world, or reign in a new consciousness.  We are so powerful that many of us don’t even realize what we are doing.  I realized today that I have been recently putting my energy into fear based ideas.  I struggle to feel worthy, although a part of me knows who I AM, a divine part of higher consciousness.  At this moment, I realize that I want to embrace love, and already I feel a powerful shift taking place.  For me, that’s all it takes.  As we live, moment to moment, I encourage you to periodically step back and move into a place of love.