A New Energy Modality: Angelic Chakra Integration

In December 2010, I received seven new symbols that correspond to each chakra from seven archangels.  Since then, I have been on a constant journey to learn the meanings of these new symbols and what they can do.  I have also been working with the archangels.  If these symbols were given to someone else, I would think how easy it must be for that person.  After all, if that person received the symbols, surely a manual would be downloaded as well.  The universe doesn’t work quite like that.  I’ve been receiving bits of information here and there, and stitching it all together is a challenge.

What I’ve learned during this process

  • Information will come at any time.  I was given the process to attune others to the symbols driving home from work.
  • Don’t get stressed out about the big picture.  Make small goals each week.
  • Support is crucial.  My mentor, Gretchen Little, and husband, Shannon Ryan, have encouraged me each step of the way.  I also have lots of supportive friends.

A workshop will be forthcoming.  In this workshop, I will teach what I have learned so far about this new modality, and attune others to the symbols.  Stay tuned!