According to A Course in Miracles, fear is not real; only love is real.  Fear cannot exist where there is love.  It’s such a beautiful statement, but it can be difficult to accept in our daily lives.  The illusion of fear surrounds us; it’s perpetuated in the media, at work, with friends, or when we get an unexpected bill.  We fear that we will lack.  We fear we are not worthy.  Some of us live in so much fear that we make ourselves sick!

We are wonderful manifestors.  We can bring about the end of the world, or reign in a new consciousness.  We are so powerful that many of us don’t even realize what we are doing.  I realized today that I have been recently putting my energy into fear based ideas.  I struggle to feel worthy, although a part of me knows who I AM, a divine part of higher consciousness.  At this moment, I realize that I want to embrace love, and already I feel a powerful shift taking place.  For me, that’s all it takes.  As we live, moment to moment, I encourage you to periodically step back and move into a place of love.