Making Strides

I have been continuing to work hard this past summer to incorporate the information I have received regarding Angelic Chakra Integration (ACI).  I feel that I can finally succinctly describe ACI:

ACI provides synergy of the conscious and unconscious mind, enabling people to realign with their true purpose and remember who they really are-divine beings.  It connects and reconnects people with higher levels of awareness via the body.

The other night, I asked for guidance regarding the health benefits ACI can provide.  I received the following answer:

How about everything?  There are no limits.  We work to get energy flowing-that vital life force.  You will be surprised of what will happen, and it will be instant.  Will it cure everything?  Of course not.  You enable your client an opportunity to heal themselves.  It ultimately isn’t up to you, but you will be pleased at the people who will heal themselves.  Be open to miracles.

I will be lecturing at the New Age of Wellness Expo on October 20th.  I am very excited to discuss ACI with the public for the first time!